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Why Cloudflare is required to setup domain

Cloudflare Free plan is enough to connect your domain to your Yovale website.
Cloudflare provides free Global content delivery locations and security services.
Cloudflare makes your website secure, fast and provide real-time threat and attack protection.
It also provides many options like super caching, page reules, redirection rules, IP and country blacklisting etc.

Creating a Cloudflare account and adding a website

1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
2. Click on Add site from the top navigation bar.
3. Enter your website’s root domain and then click Add Site. For example, if your website is www.example.com, type example.com.
4. Cloudflare attempts to automatically identify your DNS records. This process takes approximately 60 seconds to complete.
5. Click Next.
6. Select Free plan
7. Click Confirm in the Confirm Plan window that appears.
8. Click Continue.
9. Copy the 2 Cloudflare nameservers displayed and click Continue.
Once assigned, Cloudflare Support cannot move your domain to a different nameserver or a different Cloudflare IP address.
10. To finish domain setup and activate your domain on Cloudflare, change your domain nameservers to Cloudflare.