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Performance settings

This setting is applicable for theme only performance results. For other performance relates help, please read the respective article.
The Performance Settings are located under Appearance -> Theme Settings in your Yovale dashboard area.
RSS feed links are added to each post/page of your website. Even if you use RSS feeds on your website, you can still remove the feed links from the head area.

Remove wlwmanifest

wlwmanifest stands for Windows Live Writer Manifest. If this is new to you, you may not be using Windows Live Writer (another blog editing client) and can safely remove it from your head section.

Disable emojis

This option saves you 1 php request and leaves it to the end-users browser how to display smilies & emojis. This also cleans the head of your website by removing the emoji inline styles that get added by Yovale

Disable embeds

With Embeds, Yovale turns your links to youtube videos, tweets, images, etc into previews. If you’re using embeds, you probably know about that, if not you may want to disable embeds.
Please do not disable it if you want to display embed on your website. For further help, feel free to contact us.

Remove RSD

this option is available for enterprises to plan only

Disable jQuery migrate

Modern apps/plugins usually don’t require jQuery migrate, so this adds unnecessary load to your website.
If you are having issues with your website after disabling this option please re-enable it.

Remove Store scripts & styles from non-shop pages

As the name suggests, this will remove all store related styles & scripts from non-shop pages.
If you are displaying store/products section on pages other than the shop (yourdomain.com/shop) page. Please do not disbale this option
Do not use/change this function if you are using the drag and drop builder for creating shop pages.